Variable Rate Pricing

As an ATG Clean Energy Holdings Inc. customer, when your current plan's term is completed without renewing for an additional term, you are placed on a variable rate plan sometimes referred to as a Holdover rate.  This plan's energy price is variable, and can change without notice.  There is no defined term of the plan and you can terminate at any time with no penalty.  If you fail to select a plan after your original plan expires, you will automatically be placed on a variable rate plan.        

Price history

We publish a history of variable rates for your review.  Like most of our other plans, the prices below are for energy only and do not include transmission and delivery fees or local taxes.        

  • December 2019: 9.0 ¢ / kwh
  • January 2020: 9.0 ¢ / kwh
  • February 2020: 9.0/kwh
  • March 2020: 9.0/kwh
  • April 2020: 6.5/kwh
  • May 2020:  6.5/Kwh
  • June 2020:  7.5/Kwh
  • July 2020 8.5/Kwh
  • August 2020 8.5/Kwh
  • September 2020 8.5/Kwh
  • October 2020 8.5/Kwh
  • November 2020 8.5/Kwh
  • December 2020 8.5/Kwh
  • January 2021 8.5/Kwh
  • February 2021 8.5/Kwh
  • March 2021 9.0/Kwh